Natatorium 1

This spectacular room was developed as an addition to one of our Estate Homes. The requirements were a basketball court; an exercise area; an indoor pool; a fireplace; a juice bar with lounge and a Jacuzzi. The enthusiastic client drove the design team at ARCH Construction Group with Design by JCA to expand that to include in addition: a 45 foot tall sculpted tree capped with a tree-fort; a bench in the water at the base of the tree; an outdoor Jacuzzi accessed directly from the indoor pool; a waterfall; a water slide; a series of stained Douglas-fir bow trusses; a pizza oven; a bar-b-que; and a cave-like Jacuzzi grotto with a lighted shower head.

This room was featured in A Tree Grows in this Renovation in the October/November 2013 issue of DesignNJ.

This room won a 2014 Award of Excellence for Best Special Feature Room Design.