Architecture Process

The process starts as a puzzle.

In the beginning

JCA starts by listening to all clients regarding their ideas of “what is perfect for their family”. Then blend in sometimes a hundred photos that help crystalize their hopes.

Add to these considerations for best use of solar orientation to maximize solar energy; as a client once said, “EVERYBODY wants a bright space, EVERYBODY is happier in a bright space!”

Finally, consider favorite views from the house, if any; family habits of circulation with regard to room coordination, and possible implementation of envioronmental and technology Heating, cooling, ideal air quality levels,

For JCA, this always starts by quick sketches followed by sometimes colored renderings which can be very quickly adjusted to client preferences of finished materials, project scope always adjusting in the beginning as the budget dictates.


A final schematic design goes into AutoCAD, an industry preference amount coordinating professionals.  The sketchy becomes hardline computer files.  Sometimes clients prefer to see the 3-dimensional drawings of Revit. Final dimensions and building qualities are made precise.


Construction Documents are completed in preparation for building permits. All technical details are added, written specifications for the materials involved, structure, plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling methods’ are completed.

This is the Construction Documents Phase.

 And don’t forget…

There are many areas during the project construction development process that clients have found us very helpful to them.  Project Bidding, Periodic site meetings, Interior detailing, Milestone builder payment review, Coordinating bank Finance Payments are a few of these construction coordination items.